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Perhaps you don't know how easy it is to break into the average garage door, but a thief does! Data indicates that it takes only six (6) seconds for a burglar to gain access to your house, home, family and property. Protect your home, family and property from unwanted access with the garage door security product, The Garage Door Guard Dawg. The smart simple device prevents access from intruders by securing your garage door's emergency release lever and manual release cord mechanisms. The Garage Door Guard Dawg installs in five minutes or less and requires no special installation tools, no adjustments and no replacement parts, EVER! Further, your satisfaction with our device is guaranteed.

Stop Unwanted Access

Secures Garage Doors, home theft protection Garage doors are often the entry point for a thief. Garage Door Guard Dawg stops unwanted access through your automatic garage door with emergency release protection.
Product Satisfaction Guarantee

Garage Door Emergency Release Protection Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not satisfied with the function or performance of the product we will gladly refund your money upon return of the product.
Parts and Installation

Home Protection Device Product Parts and Installation Instructions Product can be installed in 5 minutes or less with no additional tools required. Never needs to be replaced.

Maybe you already have a in-home security system, but meanwhile the biggest door to your house remains unprotected and defenseless. Put your garage door on lock-down and put thieves on notice with GARAGE DOOR GUARD DAWG, garage door emergency release protection. Don't be a victim! Protect your house, home, family and all your possessions today with the smart affordable garage door security device, Garage Door Guard Dawg.

How To Open Garage From Outside
Simply straighten a wire coat hanger and slide the hooked end between the header and top section of the door. Fish the hook around the emergency release lever, or cord attached to it, and tug. The door disengages and now can be manually opened, yielding an easy passageway to your garage and home. NOW IF YOU CAN DO THIS SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE!
Garage Door Emergency Release
The Garage Door Emergency Release is vulnerable to outside access. Takes 6 seconds to slide the hooked end of a straightened coat hanger between the header and top section of the door. The intruder then hooks the emergency release lever, or cord attached to it, and disengages the garage door from the opener with a slight tug. From there, the garage door can be manually opened, yielding an easy passageway to a vulnerable home.
Plastic Zip Ties
All over the internet there's a cheap solution to secure the automatic garage door release to prevent break-ins. The use of simple plastic zip tie-wraps. To use the zip tie, the release cord and handle is removed so to thread the tie into the hole there, thus defeating the whole purpose of the EMERGENCY RELEASE. If you ever need to raise the door manually, like in an house fire emergency, you must cut the zip tie with scissors to release the lever and the door. THIS IS THE WORST SOLUTION EVER!
As nice as it is having an attached garage to your home, it can make your home vulnerable to burglars. Garages are one of the easiest and fastest means for thieves to gain access. There are hundreds of videos posted on YouTube giving step-by-step instructions on how to break into a garage within only a few seconds using a simple coat hanger. These videos have been passed around via email for several years and no doubt have resulted in numerous break-ins. Don't Be A Victim! Get the garage door security device, the Garage Door Guard Dawg.

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